Custom Order Design Fee

Custom Order Design Fee

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Q: How much are Customs?

A: Customs are ordered via this $30 design fee. This fee is to cover the time designing your piece, shopping for fabric and patterns and any additional costs. After we've decided on your design, you will be invoiced separately for your item. You can see the starting price for many items 

Q: What can I order via Custom Listings?

A: Whatever you want from my current fabric stash. If you have something specific in mind that I do not have on  hand, I'm happy to try and accommodate as long as the fabric is readily available, it is within my skillset as a sewist and complies with safety regulations.

Q: How many Custom Listings are available?

A: No more than 3 listings will be available at a time. When a custom is completed, another will open up.

Q: Do discounts work on customs?

A: No. Due to the time consuming nature of customs, no discounts can be applied at this time

Q: How long will my item take?
A: Depending on intricacy of the design TAT is 7-14 business days from receipt of payment and measurements. Some designs may take more time for completion…if more time is needed, I’ll let you know prior to invoicing. 

Q: Can I order more than one item with my custom listing?

A: You can order a couple of the same item(i.e. matching sets) or an outfit set. There is a max of 3 items per custom order.

Q: What if I decide I don't want my Custom Item after designing?

A: Since Design Fees are for the time that goes into designing your perfect item, they are non-refundable. For this reason I suggest that you contact me before you purchase if you have a print that you're specifically looking for or if you have a strict budget.

Q: What styles do you offer?

A: a Plethora of styles. I love to create unique & creative pieces.] so they are always changing/being added to.  I'll feature a few new ones each time customs are listed but if you have something in mind, don't hesitate to reach out. Browse our Photo Gallery 

Q: What fabric do you have?

A: I have a fabric addiction and needless to say I'm pretty sure I have my own fabric store haha. I will always provide photos during our consultation of what I currently have on hand. Want a particular colorway, don't hesitate to ask!

Q: Do you offer adult items?

A: Yes. But adults require lots more fabric and so items are priced accordingly.

Q: Can I send you fabric?

A: Depends on the type of fabric. Please let me know if you have fabric you'd wish to use and we can plan from there. If it falls under the fiber and safety regulations on children's clothes then I have no problem with using fabric you have on hand! 

Q: Another shop made "xyz"... Can you make it?

A: Absolutely not!